Floral ✕ Malice

An enamel pin fundraiser project for Collar ✕ Malice fans ♥︎ Closing on the 3rd of February

Announcement: I made some changes to the budget (switched manufacturers) to be able to reach funding.


Hello, hello! ♥︎ This is Gabs (aka - @chottomatte.nini on IG) - and I want to welcome you to my third Kickstarter(ish) campaign! I had to migrate out of actual Kickstarter because they were implementing changes not benefitial at all for us creators.

But back to the important part!!! I'm super excited and once again I feel like I'm going all out but now this funding is for lovely Collar x Malice- my second campaign for OTOME!!! - !!!SO!!! I put together loads of goodies for you♥︎. I feel that I am stiiill a lil noob when it comes to pin making but I am very much looking forward to this new project!

I do a lot of different things when it comes to creating either products or content, so make sure you check all my socials at the bottoms of the page.

The Designs

All the pins will be hard enamel, gold plated with a lot of different effects for details: silk screen print, machine gradient print, cutouts, pearl and sandblast. Characters busts will be around 2" each and the switch pin will be 3".

There will be a lot of options for you to choose whether you want just one pin or a full set!!

Just as a disclaimer: you'll be receiving the best of the batch but I can't guarantee an A Grade on pre-orders.

The total funding needed is £2,500 - current percentage of funding is on the first section of the page. As the interest was lower than what I expected I switch manufacturers to lower the funding needed, I wanted to use a new manufacturer that someone recommended that it’s pricier than my usual one, but with the campaign being a bit on the low side I decided to stick to the one I’ve used before.

It'll be all or nothing, if we don't reach full funding - the money will be refunded into your accounts.

Freebies and Add-ons

According to your pre-order, you'll receive certain freebies. These are cumulative and you can also add as many as you want.

Orders will be combined, but if you could please place everything in one order - it'll make the process of packing a lot smoother.

Add-ons are supposed to be on top of your pin order, so you will need to order at least one pin to be able to purchase an add-on. Any 'only add-on' order will be canceled and refunded.

All backers of 1+ pins will get only one (1) sticker sheet for free.You can choose the acrylic charm to be any LI in chibi form.


During the first 7 days of the campaign, prices will be on early bird rate and then will go up a bit to regular campaign price. it's important to add that all these rates are still discounted compared to the price in-hand.

Main Pins

ItemEarly Bird PriceRegular Price
Character Bust (~2")£16£18
Switch (~3")£25£28
Whole Gang Set (only character busts)£90£102
Unlimited Set (All pins)£105£115

* whole gang set includes 6 pins (one for each character, discounted ~5%) and unlimited set includes all the 7 pins (character busts plus the switch pin, the last one discounted 75%)


ItemRegular Price
Matte vinyl Sticker Sheet£1.50
Filler Blossom Pin (~0.5")£4
Acrylic charm£6

* all add-ons can only be selected if you have at least one of the main pins (character busts or switch) in any of your orders.

How to 'pledge'

The fundraiser will be held as a regular pre-order campaign. It'll be open for two weeks on my big cartel portal.

Important notes:
Early bird prices are open for 7 days. After this deadline, you won’t be able to purchase at this price anymore.In contrast with Kickstarter, you will be charged right away and there will be no cancellations or refunds unless the financial goal is not reached.For add-ons and freebies, you'll receive a Google Form to choose them when the campaign ends.I strongly recommend choosing tracked delivery as I won’t be responsible for lost untracked mail.
If you have any other questions, the preferred way for any project-related queries is on discord, but you can also contact me at [email protected].

Tentative Timeline

Early February: Campaign Ends.Mid February: Conversations with manufacturer and submission of the order.End May: Pins (hopefully!) arrive! [i'm giving three months because of Chinese New Year + COVID!]Mid June: End of QA Inspection/Packaging.End June: Enamel pins are shipped - whoooop!!! ♥︎
Please bear in mind this timeline may change, 8 pin designs need to be sampled and mass-produced plus a lot of different effects that can lead to re-sampling.

I'm still growing and learning the pin-making ways every day, before pre-ordering please make sure you read all the campaign details.


Feel free to join me in my journey on Instagram, and if you decide to contribute to this huge project...

どうもすみません, ありがとうございます ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎